How to Manage Money Wisely


Managing money wisely starts with making a decision. You must choose to handle the money you have now if you expect to receive more in the future. You must also realize what you have accumulated really belongs to God and He wants you to manage it for Him.

God is the Owner and you are His steward. The definition of a steward is one who manages the property of the owner. If God would sit down with you right now and have you show Him your financial records, would He be pleased with how you are managing His wealth?

We need to develop a “stewardship mindset” if we plan on managing more of what God gives us. Wealth was created by God and for Him. He is our Provider and our Source for everything. When you give back His role as Provider and take on your role as Steward, then you will experience a peace you’ve never known before.

Can God trust you with more? Are you just trying to get your own needs met or are

How to Manage Money The Mind Money Equation


Do you believe in the relationship between the mind and money? If you are still in debt there’s a explanation for that. Part of learning how to manage money is also grasping how your mind has a sizeable role in the financial outcomes you are presently achieving. If you follow this one easy equation, you’ll be well on your way to training your brain for financial success.

When we think about money we almost never think about precisely how the brain plays a role in our financial accomplishments. There’s an equation for how results are realized in general. Not simply for finances, but for any sought after result. Here it is:

(D) – P – T – B – A = Results

Each letter stands for the following:

Desire P Programming T Thoughts B Beliefs A Actions

So, your desires lead to your mental programming that leads to your thoughts which then creates the belief which dictates the actions you take which will inevitably lead to your results. This is the key of how to manage money and mental programming. Lets look at

Saving Money How to Manage Money


Money Saving Tips – How to Manage Money

What should you do with your hard earned cash? There are many choices we face on a daily basis that can create confusion and can point us in in a different direction at any time. There are many things that we should and shouldn’t do with regards to our finances and how to manage money. Let’s go through some of the more important ways to start saving and put your money where it belongs.

1. Understanding when you should stop

The issue most people face when knowing how to manage money is knowing when you should stop. This may be a somewhat vague statement but I’ll help clear that up. Understanding when you should stop can pertain to all kinds of different parts of your finances. You should know when to prevent buying things on each day, week or month and that all comes down to budgeting. You must understand when to stop investing in each part of your financial portfolio and start in another. You must understand when

Ho w to Manage Money Better Than a Banker

Focus, understanding and diligence, the “fund” is the key to managing money. The “fund” is my acronym for focus, understanding and diligence. Without the “fund,” no one can even manage to wake up in the morning correctly, and that is the “fund” at the most basic level. Logically, I say this, because of the way I operate like a business in everything I do, with focus, understanding and diligence. If you do not operate consistently, not so much constantly, but consistently like a business in key areas of your life, you will fail and fail deeply. That is also the point of this article, for indeed, money and value are microcosmic representations of how we handle our whole energies let alone our whole lives.

Think about it, how a person handles money is a representation of how they genuinely handle their lives. Mystical or realistic, you see it in all money management. Not only that, but that is also what makes the fund the key to success or the pitfall to failure when used in a negative sense. How can it be used in a negative sense? Obsessions, fears, mystical games played on yourself by yourself. These

Make Your Kid Learn How to Manage Money

Money management is one of the things that you will need very badly if you need a successful finance future. Financial planning is one important step that any person, no matter how much he earns will have to come across in his or her life at one or the other stage. You must have had many difficulties to adapt to the changes in the financial planning and to make a budget to accomplish your financial needs. You may have seen your friends or relatives falling into bankruptcy and bad credit scores as they did not make and follow a good financial plan.

The point that I am trying to make clear is that it is always advisable to make your kids acquainted to the whole process of financial planning and budgeting. These are not things that can be mastered in one day or a few days. It always takes many months at times years to get into a financial budget and plan that suits you the best. So make your kid a new player in the world of financial planning after he gets his first salary? Why not make him an expert by the time he gets

How to Manage Money While Playing Roulette

Money Management Techniques in Online Roulette

This article looks at some of the methods that are used to manage money while playing online roulette. It takes the commonsense approaches and then applies them to the game as it should be played. That is a foundation for all the new and old players that wish to raise their effectiveness.

Money matters in Online Roulette

The management of money will be one of the crucial elements in online roulette. The first strand will involve the establishment of a bankroll system. This will enable the player to keep in control even when they are dealing with the best online roulette. The idea is to keep the money in some sort of saving system until it is ready to be wagered on the different games. This might be the trigger that makes all the difference in terms of handling the elements of the game that appear to be problematic. There are plays that never really learn how to manage their bankroll system. They follow the instinctive model and that is one of the surest ways of losing track of the playing system and the implications that it has for

How to Manage Money In A Marriage and Keep It Happy

Money is not always the root of evil, but research shows it is one of the leading causes of all divorces across the world. Even if you and your spouse agree that you need to manage your finances better, deciding how to actually manage the funds or who can or cannot spend money the way they best see fit usually leads to major problems.

Here a few wise suggestions to keep your marriage happy and manage your money at the same time.

Be Sure Each Partner has Some “Fun” Money

Majority of the time there is one partner that earns a higher salary than the other person in the relationship. It is not fair to expect each person to contribute an equal amount to the bills and then the partner with the higher salary spends the remaining money as his or her “fun” money. Fun money is money spent on unnecessary purchases such as entertainment, alcohol, gambling or shopping.

Failure to equally distribute “fun” money with your spouse leads to resentment and unhappiness from the partner that does not earn as much.

Both partners need some money to buy things that are enjoyable

Mortgage Basics How to Manage Money

What does the term ‘mortgage’ actually mean?

The word ‘mortgage’ in fact derives from two different languages. The French ‘mort’ means to ‘dead’ and ‘gage’ originates from Old English and means ‘pledge’. So to put it briefly, the word ‘mortgage’ actually means to a ‘pledge until death’. Daunting huh? The last I checked, there aren’t a lot of things I want to be entirely to eternally besides from my better half, and that’s largely because I know she is reading this. Love you darling!

All jokes aside… A mortgage really is some thing that you committed to for a very long time. It typically takes some real gusto to find out how to manage correctly to make it work. Various banks are currently featuring 40 year terms. Can you imagine how tough it would be to still make month-to-month payments of $1,000 when you are approaching 70? I know that idea would terrify me to death.

Unlike most other types of loans, your mortgage is often negotiated numerous times before its paid off. Some people decide to make greater contributions monthly to pay it off faster. Other folks just pay the minimum amount. It’s one

How to Manage Money How One Change a Month Could Get You Out of Debt

More often than not it is actually the small changes over time that produce the biggest difference. Think about it. If you desired to loose pounds it won’t just occur starightaway. You need to make small changes in your every day way of life, and then after some time those changes will end up in total weight loss. How to manage money is the very same. It really is the tiny changes in money habits compounded with time that will make the most significant difference. If I claimed just one change each month for a year may get you out of debt, would you believe me? Lets us glance at various tips on budgeting a little closer:

Ask yourself, could you save $10 per month each month for a year? It wouldn’t be that tough. All you would have to do is take one expense each month and aim on how you could decrease it by $10. For example: if you gave your cable company a call and removed some of the channels you never use. If you can do this for 12 straight months heres what your reward would be: Lets suggest somebody has $5, 000

How to Manage Money With Children

It’s no secret that having kids is one of the most amazing, daring, enjoyable and frustrating things any adult can ever do. It’s also a pretty well known fact that children are incredibly expensive. With the cost of diapers, summer camp, baseball, art class, clothes, food and college (just to name a few), your standard of living will change. I’ve created few tips to help you understand more about your children and how to manage money.

Teach Them Everything You Know About Money

The younger your children learn about how important money is the sooner the whole family will be financially rewarded. It is difficult for children to understand that cash actually doesn’t grow on trees. You must teach this to your children as early as possible. Try to play or create games that show them basic money concepts as well as reward their hard work for cutting the grass or raking the lawn.

Child See, Child Do

It’s amazing how much children mimic adults. If your child sees that you spend money like it’s going out of style they will probably do the same as they grow up. You probably see that they

Debt Stacking How to Manage Money

Do you have a plan in trying to eliminate your debt? Are you tired of making the minimum payments on each outstanding balance and never being able to make any progress?I want to go through what debt stack is and how to manage money and get rid your debt as fast and reasonably as possible. Something that is more interesting is you can follow the debt stacking formula to help create the retirement you’ve always hoped for!

What is Debt Stacking?

I have discussed this in one of my previous post but I think this is worth another look. Debt stacking is an easy principle of eliminating all debts in a triangle type formula. It is a proven theory and it can be easy plus you can get rid of your debt two or three times more quickly then you may have thought possible.


STEP 1: Create a list of all of your current debt. Put each amount in order from the lowest amount to the largest.

STEP 2: Set up an emergency fund in a savings account. The lowest amount you should have is $1,000. You just never

How to Manage Money Properly

How to Manage Money Properly, without losing to much of your fun times. Americans are spending money left and right and not understanding as to why it always gone. The american people do not protect what essentially could be their financial status, and well being. One thing I wish people would stop complaining they have no money, as well as quit asking to borrow it.

How much are you really spending on your luxury or useless items each month, this does include eating out. One of my best friends just told me the other day he probably just wastes $6,000 a month on stuff he does not need. Just for example he wastes money on: snake. Okay lets take a look on how to save your money, and make money with it.

How to Manage Money Properly:

1. Open a bank account, preferably one at a credit union.

2. Every paycheck you get, take no less than 10%, but try to do put the recommended 25% into your account.

3. Get a bank account that transfers your change leftover from your purchases into your savings account.

4. Spend less on luxury items,

Good Debt and Bad Debt How to Manage Money

For many people debt is unavoidable. Even some of the wealthiest people in the world struggle with their finances. One vital thing to understand are the differences between good and bad debt. This article will help you understand how to manage money and find your way out of the red ink.

Some quick tidbits about debt that are frightening: Around 50% of every American spends more than they make each year. The typical household carries more than $10,000 in credit card balance. In the past decade, personal bankruptcies have increased by 100%.

What is Good Debt?

It can be defined as an investment. Good debt such as home mortgages, student or business loans are usually a wise decision. Why? Because they generally don’t lose money. Clearly the real estate crash in the United States does not back up that statement, but keep in mind, many of those people were head over heels into ‘bad debt’ prior to the crash and were unable to afford their ‘good debt’. Without question, in five years almost all homes will be way up in value.

College and Business loans are another type of good debt. They’re an investment

False Sense of Financial Security How to Manage Money

You are currently living the ‘American Dream’. Right now you are blissfully married, you have two kids, a dog, the nice home with a white picket fence, you drive an SUV and a station wagon and you are in debt. Your story is just like millions of other people out there. Okay, so your story isn’t exactly as I just described but its pretty similar. In fact the debt part is probably the only absolute truth. You are able to make all of your minimum monthly bills and are making ends meet – or so it seems. You’ve been drawn into the false sense of financial security and assume that you know how to manage money. The reality is you may be in too much debt. I’ve created a list of ten warning signs indicating that you might be in over your head.

1. You have little to no savings

2. You are only able to make the minimum payment on your credit cards and other bills

3. You have been denied credit

4. You use cash advances from your credit cards to pay other bills like heat and hydro

5. Once in

How to Manage Money Eliminate Debt Step by Step

Is there a way to manage money and eliminate debt step by step? Perhaps if there were a absolute way we would all be doing it every day, week and month of the year. However, I have found several steps that can help and if you attempt to follow each as closely as you can you should be one step closer to eliminating your personal debt. You can begin tomorrow and it can change your life.

Step Number 1: Assess your current financial situation.

Are you currently in the red or black? Do you use your credit card to manage your money and daily expenses? This may be a definite indication that you are in a state of financial trouble. There is a free tool at my blog that may help quantify your current situation.

The Second Step: Analyze your spending habits.

Look at your weekly and monthly spending habits. Do you find that many of your purchases don’t need to be made? When discussing spending, there really is no ‘grey’ area. Some things we all need to purchase and there are items that we don’t. You might have to re-learn how to manage

How to Manage Money So You Can Start Building Wealth

Learning how to manage money is the prerequisite to building wealth. This might sound simple, but how many times have you tried to skip the step of living off of a written budget, developing a set of expense categories to live off of and all those other “boring” money habits and tried to go right for the step of building wealth? It has been said that there are a millions ways to make a million dollars, and this is true.

However, none of them will work unless you first start managing what you already have. Let’s look at a simple plan which can help you accomplish this…

A Simple Plan for Controlling Your Cash Flow

Many times, the reason we have a hard time developing and living by a budget is that we over-complicate our budget with pages of expense categories. Instead of trying to live off of that kind of detailed plan, try these four simple expense categories:

1. Investment of 10% of your income

2. Giving of 10% of your income

3. Reserving of 10% of your income (for making cash purchases instead of credit)

4. Paying expenses with

How to Manage Money and Make it Grow

The 12 Debts of Christmas Part One

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

My credit card is maxed out so

Let it Grow! Let it Grow! Let it Grow!

Tis the Season for too much spending

And there’s just no comprehending

How will I pay my bills next year?

Let em Grow! Let em Grow! Let em Grow!

My debt is as deep as the snow

Oh what a terrible fright

And I know it will continue to grow

How will I sleep through the night?

Now the presents have all been given

To the poor house I have been driven

And my credit scores are way down low

Help it Grow! Help it Grow! Help it Grow!

Christmas is right around the bend and you have a couple things on your mind. How am I going to avoid dinner at the in-laws and how am I going to pay off my credit card this January? Over the next couple of weeks I will go through 12 ideas for holiday debt relief. Each one will

Tips From the Rich How to Manage Money

If you are similar to everyone else you probably feel as though you could make more money and don’t know what to do with the money you have. The mega wealthy know how to manage money and are able to manage the lifestyle we all dream of. Here are a few helpful ways that you can turn your finances around and help you to be far more wealthy than you imagined.

Better Time Management at Work

There are ways to be smarter with how you spend your time at your job. Many of us relish the ‘water cooler meetings’ but is it the best use of your time? Probably not. Instead of talking about the most recent episode of 24, learn to be an expert on a certain part of your job, figure out something new, or find a way that will cut costs. The more you put into your job the more you will get from it. Make yourself stand out as the perfect person for any promotion or salary increase. If you’re truly motivated enough you might even discover yourself in your bosses chair.

Negotiate Your Salary

When most people begin a

Understand Money How to Manage Money

When I was young I always found it interesting how much my dad understood money and personal finances. Even up to today when he is getting closer to his long awaited retirement, he understands a great deal more than nearly every individual that I have met. My dad is still planning and evaluating his portfolio, continually changing and always adjusting. He always makes regular contributions to his retirement plan and never misses or is late with paying his bills. He knows how to manage money.

A little bit of me thinks that my interest in proper money management stems from his keen interest for it. When I was a child I would continually ask questions about his past. I asked him how he knew when to change certain investments from medium risk to highest risk and vise versa. Before the stock crash in 1987 he completely avoided a loss by adjusting his his entire investment portfolio a 5 months before everything went downhill. He did so in early 2000 and again before this most recent crash. When thousands of people lost half of their savings and forced to sell their homes he managed to protect his entire

Household Tips How to Manage Money

Don’t flush your hard earned cash down the toilet. Household costs can really eat into your personal budget. Prior to becoming a personal financial consultant, I was never really good at watching my utility bills. I’ll go over some general ideas on how to save on household utility costs that I found helpful when I learned how to manage money. My first step was to create a comprehensive budget. If the expenses were over what they should have been based on my income, I found ways to reduce them. You should create a budget too, as your first step in your quest to discover how to manage money.

The Four Major Household Utility Expenses

Water – We all waste a lot of water in this country. Lengthy showers, giant flowing toilets, etc. I will cover this topic in my next post. In the meantime, take the first step on how to manage money and discover each way you’re wasting water in your home. Find answers onways of }how to conserve water in your home in our next post or at my site at how to manage money tips, and save your family money.

Gas –